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  • What is a window sash replacement

    After the window replacement, customers often realize that a blank sash prevents the entire structure’s operation. To remedy the situation, an active belt must be installed. However, only a tiny percentage of window companies near me needing such a replacement have carried out such upgrades. This is due to a lack of awareness – many consider such a procedure impossible, and dreams of comfort remain a dream. Meanwhile, some technologies allow for a reasonable cost to adapt the windows to current needs and improve their performance.

    What are the reasons why you may need to replace a blank sash with an active one?

    The performance of new windows may not meet the owners’ expectations for various reasons. The main ones are the customers’ desire to save money on fittings and poor design. As a consequence, complications most often arise:

    • when ventilating interior rooms;
    • in the process of washing windows;
    • due to violation of fire safety requirements, which provide for the possibility of leaving the room through the windows.

    Often, complaints about the performance of windows are made in new buildings or apartments purchased on the secondary market. Builders usually try to minimize costs and save on almost everything. In the second case, the desire of the property’s new owners may not coincide with the opinion of the previous homeowners who installed the windows. In all of these cases, replacing a blind sash on the active is fully justified and is considered the best way to fix your or someone else’s mistake.

    In some situations, if there are ventilation problems, you can avoid the significant steps involved in installing an active sash. To do this, you will need to integrate a special air inlet valve into the frame. This device provides a constant supply of fresh air to the interior rooms even when the window is closed.

    What you will need to do when changing the sashes

    Making a new active sash is necessary when carrying out such an event. She is integrated into the opening in place of the deaf one, from which the old glass unit is removed. How you open the new window depends on what was chosen hardware. At the moment, manufacturers offer two options:

    • hinged;
    • hinged swing.

    Theoretically, it is possible to use the removed old insulating glass unit to use the new opening sash. In practice, however, no one does this because it is time-consuming and costly, so customers are delighted with the option of manufacturing a new insulating glass unit. After all, they can not only avoid unnecessary complications but also order an energy-efficient model with inert gas, which better retains heat and does not let in street noise.

    Customers often decide to equip a new element of the window design with tilt-and-turn fittings. This is the right choice since, in this case, you can choose different ventilation modes. However, today another device is recommended to install on windows with a tilt-turn system of opening. We are talking about a mechanism for micro-slot ventilation. This practical and very convenient device allows you to ensure a constant supply of fresh air, even in the fall and winter, without the risk of cooling the room.

    If the problems are related only to the inability to clean the windows, you can sometimes get by replacing conventional double-glazed windows with self-cleaning ones. These products remove dirt from the outer panes without human intervention.

    What to do if the blank window is too large

    If the opening has a large area, the window sashes will be too heavy and bulky. This will also complicate the operation of the structure, so in such cases, it is recommended to take additional measures. The most logical and correct option is to divide the opening into two separate sections. In this case, the frame can be integrated:

    • blind and active sash;
    • two operational straps without mullion (transom window);
    • two functional belts with mullion.

    Sash Replacement Procedure

    With the involvement of competent professionals, the active sash of the plastic window is installed very quickly without any problems. Moreover, the upgrade does not require covering furniture and furnishings with films, as no debris is generated during the replacement.

    The entire process is as follows:

    1. The blind sash is measured.
    2. Based on the received data, a new element for the old window is manufactured in the workshop.
    3. The product is delivered to the address at the agreed time and ready for installation.
    4. The old insulating glass unit is removed from the frame.
    5. Fixing elements for mosquito nets are attached to the outer side of the window.
    6. The window hinges are fixed in the vacated opening, and the active sash is hinged onto them.
    7. Adjustment and testing of fittings are performed.

    With the help of an experienced craftsman, a deaf window can be made an opening with a swinging or tilt-and-turn mechanism, depending on your preferences and needs.

    Due to the design features, most window profiles can be converted into a deaf opening sash. Still, the need for accurate measurements and determining the profile manufacturer is worth remembering.

    The sashes from different manufacturers may be a mismatch in dimensions with the frame, which leads to undesirable consequences in the operation process.

    Replacing a deaf sash for an opening belt is essential if the original design of the window does not meet the operation’s objectives and brings discomfort. Or you are not satisfied with the dubious result of the repair from the builders or previous owners of the apartment, forcing you to change the inconvenient insulating glass unit, replacing the blank window to the opening.

    When is it necessary to replace a deaf window with an opening sash

    Replacing a blank window with an opening window will allow you to correct the original mistakes in the room’s layout. The design of an empty window, of course, has certain advantages in price and functionality, but over time can become a real problem:

    • Washing the outside of a window on floors above the first floor is somewhat problematic without climbing tricks.
    • Lack of fresh air and stuffiness is unlikely to positively impact your mood, performance, and well-being.
    • The possibility of fire safety requirements violations in the office or industrial premises.

    Regardless of the reasons that caused the desire to change a blank window to an opening window, our experts are ready to offer professional services for replacing the insulating glass on the sash.

    Turning a dull window into an opening window

    Changing the blind plastic window on the opening is not difficult for our expert’s technologically complex procedure. They will do the change quickly and accurately with three years of experience in this field.

    This service is often used by owners of old Moscow office buildings where the air conditioning system cannot cope with the air exchange. It increases the windows’ functionality and the office’s overall comfort, allowing office workers to ventilate as needed manually.

    Replacing a blank sash with a pivoting belt (“hinged”) is rational if nothing in the interior or surroundings prevents the window from opening fully.

    When opening the sash to avoid breakage, ensure it does not hit the slope from a draft or vigorous movement. Also, note that when airing in the cold season, you do not need to open the window entirely.

    This problem is solved by the additional installation of a limiter “comb,” which controls the width of the opening. As a result, hinged windows are easy to clean, but the design does not imply slot ventilation.

    Replacement of a blank sash on the turn and tilt mechanism

    tilt-and-turn mechanism – a worthy alternative to the usual for the older generation of shutters. Depending on the position of the handle, the window can either open or tilt.

    Turning the handle at 45 degrees can convert the sash into a slot ventilation mode, which forms a small gap around the perimeter of the window for fresh air.

    This type of window is considered more practical because you can tilt the sash for ventilation without having to remove personal items or flowers from the window sill.

    How to make a blank plastic window open

    Three crucial points to pay attention to when ordering a replacement dummy window by contacting our company:

    Good news for those who dislike construction noise and destruction: You do not need to dismantle the entire window frame and large-scale works to make a soft window opening. It will be enough to replace only the insulating glass unit:

    • Our factory works only with profile systems that have proven their quality and reliability.
    • We use variants of installation rotary and tilt-and-turn mechanisms, providing the possibility of opening to the air.
    • We install a sash into a blank window without the structure of an impost (a window opening divider into sections), which significantly affects the cost and duration of work. Our experts will remove the old insulating glass unit from your window, conduct fitting (installation of fastening mechanisms and window hardware), and hang the sash.
    What is the deaf pane and sash that opens

    “Deaf glazing” is a window without opening sashes. Deaf glazing is ideal for stores and warehouses.

    An opening window sash is the opening part of the window in a pivoting or tilting position.

    In what cases is it necessary to convert the deaf glazing to a sash?

    • the room does not comply with fire safety rules
    • The room is difficult to ventilate (lack of air, poor ventilation)
    • the blind sash is difficult or even impossible to clean
    • When dividing a large room with partitions, not all “compartments” have sashes that can be opened, while they are necessary to ventilate the room and prevent stuffiness.
    Is it possible to replace the sash on the glass

    We also do work on replacing window sashes with double glazing. This may be necessary to increase the light opening to implement a design project. Read more about insulating glass unit replacement.

    What is the advantage of embedding the sash and not installing a new window?

    If you are installing a new sash, but not the whole window, you will not need to dismantle the window, which means there will be no garbage, and the decoration will not be disturbed.

    In aluminum facades, we embed the sash instead of a blank window, together with the window frame, because the peculiarities of aluminum facades do not allow the window to be remade in any other way:

    • The hinged aluminum facade is one-piece construction attached to the building wall; it is difficult to disassemble its part.
    • When inserting a new structure into the existing façade system, the drainage system from the profile can be broken, which can cause condensation and mold.
    • The glazing unit in PVC and wooden windows is taken out to the interior side of the room and in facade systems – to the street side. This complicates replacing the insulating glass unit on the sash, and you must use special equipment and industrial climbers’ services.

    How is the window being remodeled?

    • Our specialist comes to the site and takes all necessary measurements
    • The window sash is factory fabricated
    • On the appointed day, we will come to your place
    • The fixed glass unit is removed from the window frame. You can keep the glass for yourself, or we can take it away.
    • Drilled holes for hinges on the shelf for installing window sash
    • All necessary fittings and window sash are installed.

    When converting the empty glass to openable sashes in aluminum facades, we do not install a belt in the existing frame but a window – technology “frame-in-frame.”